Commentary on Manipulation and Privacy by Founder and President:

Larry A. Ortega

Emmanuel Kant writes: "He who controls public opinion controls the rule of law."

If you are made to think you are visitor, a ward with no roots, no history, no ownership in your community, state and country, hope and your ability to make positive contributions are severely impacted.  The manipulation of thought and opinion we currently experience through social media Apps and search engine results, arguably, perpetuate this belief.  We are duped - generally speaking - into believing that screaming from the top of the social media mountain (your Twitter and Facebook accounts) is enough to cure the injustices that we experience, e.g. Amazon and FedEx paying $0 (ZERO) dollars in federal income taxes, leaving you and me to pay more.

We believe this farcical - monopolistically controlled - megaphone, is the best we could do.  We profoundly want to believe, have convinced ourselves, that we have exposed to the "world" these injustices and as such the "world" will ensure correction.  Experts on this issue have a different opinion.  I list a host of resources at the bottom of the page on

We have roots. We have history.  We have ownership.  Let us never be manipulated out of thinking anything different. 

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Edward Snowden, privacy expert